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February 28, 2009


Sanctum Sanctorum Comix

My personal favorite asian snack-type treats are "Green-Bean Cakes".

They're really cookie sized, but they're called "cakes".

My best friend moved to Taiwan over 5 years ago, and on two separate occasions he presented me with authentic Taiwanese "Green Bean Cakes"...

To say that I'm willing to relocate there JUST for these things isn't hyperbole.

I'm not sure if you've had them, but for anyone who hasn't, they have a very singular texture; like they're made of the finest grains of sand, and moistened just enough to form into shapes.

Handle one with less than a dainty touch and it crumbles into a fine powder in your fingers.

However, a gentle touch rewards you with a taste that lingers with a touch of a deeper flavor just at the tip of your tongue.

The center of the cookie has some kind of nut-paste (I think). It looks and tastes like a thin slice of fine chocolate at the heart of the cookie, but I don't think that's what it is.

And so as to not leave your eyes lacking... they are shaped into delicately detailed coin shapes, with characters and symbols atop each one. Circles, squares, hexagons... beveled, squared, rounded... yet all in that peaceful, serene pea green color.

I crave them.

I... love them.



Juana Moore-Overmyer

Mmmm. i have several Asian groceries in the hood, and i think i might have seen these. i'll look for them next time i shop. Just about every green cake, cracker or cookie gets a glance from me because i have a thing about green tea flavor snacks. Some of those have that super light, crumbly texture as well.

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