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January 25, 2008



One of my clients mentioned this hearing, and I just waffled along, since I had NO CLUE what he was talking about!! Nor am I especially surprised, considering Detroit's mayoral history. Is Christine as elegant as Annivory Calvert? Is there a small child who resembles his father in a disturbing way? Kwame: amateur!

Juana Moore

Actually, no, Christine is a slammin' law student at WSU, who is a highly skilled administrator and negotiator. She resigned yesterday, and i'm sure she has some kind of job already. Like the Mayor, she's young (they were schoolmates, and she has run all his campaigns).

She has a kid or two, not his AFAWK. If all this is, is the affair, it's really a crying shame, because i doubt the citizens care about that - i know i don't. It appears as if he was afraid coming clean at the time of the firing would damage his reelection. The irony is that he was beginning to grow up and act like a mayor when the papers got the texts last week. Unless this is a coverup for other criminal acts, firing the cops turned out to be a very bad decision.

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