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October 24, 2007



Wow, I agree with what you added, but there are some I would have kept as well. And I haven't seen Sunrise, so can't comment. I would have kept in Midnight Cowboy and Cabaret, ditched Fellowship of the Ring--and what made y'all pick Seven Brides, anyway? (over, say, Carousel?)

Juana Moore-Overmyer

i have Sunrise on my Netflix cue, but they don't actually HAVE it yet, so we'll see...

None of us hated Midnight Cowboy or Cabaret (and we were troubled by Dustin Hoffman losing a couple of films), but in order to add things some things had to go.

We (cautiously, because it's so new) think FOTR is THAT good.

And, maybe because besides me it was all guys, but NONE of us would pick Carousel over Seven Brides. Sorry!

My deeply twisted favorites list is up tomorrow :-)

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