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September 29, 2007



Hello - found you because you kindly listed my blog on yours… Just wanted to say, er, WOW, what an excellent discovery; and to ask if you've ever thought of using the Margaret Thatcher illusion on one of your creations? That is, where the head looks more or less normal when upside down, but when you look at it the right way up, the eyes or mouth are inverted. (For an example, see the pic of me that illustrates the blog, zombiepataphysics.blogspot.com). Anyway, I take my hat off to you :-)


Nell has to hide her true self, where she flings herself to the ground for belly rubs!

juana Moore-Overmyer

Francine, she was at me all last night, chirping for pets and gawing on my hand. So, yes!

Brian, i love your blog. i had wondered about the picture of you. The Thatcher illusion was on Boing Boing at one time, but i didn't remember it. i would like to try that. Writing you...

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