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January 16, 2007



Only Cryptonomicon allowed me to forgive Neal for the craptascularity that is the second 2/3 of Diamond Age. So much promise, then he ditches Nell to farfle around! FIE on the Diamond Age! Say yes to Snow Crash!

In spite of this, anything that will hopefully get new readers out there---readers of any damn thing, not just Neal S---gets my vote! I am sure it will be classy and pretty to look at, at least.

Juana Moore-Overmyer

Aha, here we have an example of the issues people have with this book, though your spin is different. Just so i'm clear - is the farfling around everything to do with Hackworth and the Drummers?

The Diamond Age is without a doubt my most loved Stephenson book, but the ones i suggest to first time readers are Snowcrash or Cryptonomicon - depending on the reader. Today i was speaking with a friend who hated and couldn't finish Crypto - but i suspect he would enjoy Diamond Age. Or Snowcrash, the popular fave!


I don't object to Hackworth and the Drummers, actually, I just think that both Hackworth and Nell were shortchanged as characters, after a zoomy start. And heaven knows I am not a traditionalist when it comes to endings!

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