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October 03, 2006



Hey, just wondering - what is the standard initiation into Thelema like? Are you allowed to talk about it or is it completely secret? What kind of work do you have to do for it? Does it require preparation like Bar/Batmitsvahs do in Judaism?

Juana Moore-Overmyer

Well, there isn't really a standard initiation into Thelema, any more than there is a standard initiation into Buddhism or Objectivism. It's really more of a worldview and philosophy than a monolithic religion or single occult organization with universal rituals. There are several groups, orders and organizations promoting Thelema (the O.T.O and the A.'.A.'. being the most famous, both existing in various flavors) using some or all of Crowley's spiritual practices. To further explore some Thelemic variants, i suggest the Aleister Crowley Foundation link in the sidebar, or just looking up Thelema in Wikipedia and following a few links.

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