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October 19, 2006


Ben Dickson

I'm sad to hear of his passing. His blooper on the special hosted by Elvira was one of the funniest moments of my youth. I hope the growling skull has been buried. The prop, I mean!

Shiloh Holt

My sister and I would get up to watch Count Zappula every Saturday. My sister sent him a fan letter, and I remember her joy when she not only received a response with an authographed photo of the Count and Igor, but her letter was read during the show as well. He is definitely a fond memory of my childhood.

jjuana Moore-Overmyer

Yes, and we just lost another horror host with the passing of Lawson Deming.


Don was a huge part of my childhood. My grandfather and he were old war buddies so my sister, brother and I frequented on the Deputy Don show. I'm surprised there isn't more footage available of his shows online. He really was a character.

Ken Melvoin-Berg

Thank you all from my family. Grandpa would have loved the adulation he loved making people happy, especially little kids.

Ken Melvoin-Berg

George L. Davis

I used to work with Don when I began my broadcast career at WOOD, Grand Rapids. Later when I was working in Indianapolis for the Time-Life stations there, he brought the Don Melvoin Show to the Avco station there. I remember Don used to love to play golf and was quite good at it as I recall. One night at WOOD he told me he wanted to play in the Bing Crosby Pro-celebrity tournament. Someone had given him Bing Crosby's home phone number He called Bing and got an invitation to play in it. I was with him when he placed the phone call. He was truly "one of a kind". George L. Davis, Virginia Beach

Kathryn Rogers

I was a HUGE fan of Count Zappula as a kid and that was the highlight of my Saturday nights, watching the cheesy horror flicks and watching to see what would happen next on the show. Isn't there anywhere to get broadcasts of the show? Would love to show them to my kids...


I grew up watching Count Zappula... it was my Saturday night religion. And you are correct about him hosting another movie show. This was on Sunday afternoons, "Don Melvoin's Hollywood Theater". The normal fare would include Tarzan, Charlie Chan, Shirly Temple, Abbot and Costello, and the Tarzan-inspired Bomba - the Jungle Boy. Super cheezy, but super fun. In northern Michigan, Don Melvoin was a veritable rock-star. Bleh bleh!!

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