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October 17, 2005


J.R. Kinnard

Sounds like a good one.

I've always wondered why Garfunkel didn't do more acting. Maybe it was his choice, or maybe he was too "unconventional" looking for post-"Jaws" Hollywood.

Whatever the reason, it's a shame. He had an interesting screen presence.

Took  Gallagher

How could anyone say 'no' to a film with Art Garfunkel, Teresa Russell AND Harvey Keitel? Just plain fun to watch. Took

Took  Gallagher

Eeeee -- sorry, I left out the 'h' in Theresa -- I need to go to bed, it's after 4am. Took


J.R., i've wondered the same thing about Art Garfunkel. He hasn't been in any films in this decade, though he was in 54 and Boxing Helena in the 90's. i suspect from the oddball kind of films he's in, he doesn't want to be in just anything. And, Took, i bet this film would be a lot better known if it had previously been available to video!


How bizarre---I was JUST thinking about this movie!! So I am in line to borrow it, right?


Of course!

Crys T

Bad Timing is one of my favourite films ever. I love the way it doesn't reduce either Milena or Alex to cartoon characters the way that most "erotic" films tend to do. Instead, you can clearly see what is in each that attracts the other, and also what repels the other.

I'm really glad Art Garfunkel is getting his due here, because, especially considering his limited acting experience at the time, I find his performance astonishing. I've tried to imagine other actors in the role, but can't think of any who would be honest enough to show Alex's sulky, infantile side or his pathetic obsessiveness so well. Earlier today, I read a review that described the performance as "wimpy", which seems to me to be unbelievably out-of-touch with the point.

And Theresa Russell is brilliant as well, especially considering her age at the time. It's rare that I find a female character in a film like this that I can empathise at all with (I'm female, btw), but she makes Milena seem real enough for me to understand.

It's so rare to see any film that's actually made for adults, but this is one of the best.

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