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October 05, 2004



Hey -- The Photo Album looks FANTASTIC, Juana!
Nice job! The pics look way cool. I especially love the "Well I woke up this mornin', believe I'll dust my box" guy -- such a sweet dude/art lover! It is so cool to be able to come to your website (and direct others as well) and re-view everything in one place. THANKS!!! Can't wait til next year!


Oh. My. God. You have TOUCHED the Ghoul. It's a good thing I love you so much, otherwise I would have to KILL YOU in a fit of OUTRAGEOUS ENVY!!

So obviously I will be AT THIS CON next year, corseted and gothed out. OH yeah.


Ha-HAAAA ! ! ! We have BOTH touched (and been touched by) The Ghoul, Franciney! (Just one of several times I got to 'act big' during the weekend at the Horror Expo!) Ask Juana about the Bomb Pop. By all means -- you MUST attend next year -- we will have 3 tables!

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