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May 05, 2008



I wondered if the person who manages this site could help me with some questions. I've always been into anime and manga and all the assumed accouterments but I don't own many things in general so when I came across this beautiful style of bjd I realized I don't know where to begin. I don't know where to begin mainly because I want to make them. I'll finish my BFA soon and know how to sculpt I just don't know the market. If you could give me a sense of that: where to go to buy them and sell them I would really appreciate it. I want to introduce a new aesthetic, make more words.

Best of days,

Juana Moore-Overmyer

Daria, i've had a few comments like yours in the past few months, so i'm going to do a BJD 101 post, something like the presentations i've been doing at conventions, but with additional specifics on how to get info on making dolls of your own. i'll also write you on your particular questions.

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